You may feel the wind.
Wind may bring the scent of flowers.

You may hear the songs of birds.
Songs may take you to the deep forest.

You may see the twinkle of stars.
Twinkle may tell you that you are not alone.

You may close your eyes & mouth.
You may feel nothing but great fulfillment.

Onsen may recover your body.
You also may feel you have a natural healing power inside you.

Open sesame! Open hearted! Open-air bath!


The origin of hot springs goes all the way back to the birth of the earth. Hot springs are a natural gift born of geothermal activity beneath the earth’s crust today. People cannot create onsen, just receive its benefit.

Our hope is to make a place where anyone can enjoy this gift. Young and old, female and male, locals and travelers, all need time to rest. This is the public place for “toji” (hot spring cure), that is, the place for treating various ailments, for relieving stress and also for refreshing one’s state of mind. We don’t aim to make a leisure or entertainment facility. We hope you will enjoy your “toji” time as well as others will do.


In order for everyone to be able to devote themselves equally to “toji” (hot spring cure), we ask the guests to follow some regulations.

In Japan because of historical reasons, many onsen spots and bathhouses don’t accept those with tattoos. We will not refuse you who need a hot spring cure only because you have tattoos. However, we would require you to be a solitary visitor or to be the only one having tattoos in your group (please also see below). Even if you enter the building separately, we ask you to leave once you are together inside.

We don’t accept visiting in large groups and tours to . The guideline is for up to 6 adults. The group of 7 or more are unacceptable. Even if you enter the building separately, we ask you to leave once you are together inside.

We don’t accept any tours for the purpose of sightseeing or visits accompanied by agents (agents are not permitted to enter the facility). Even if you have never been to onsen in Japan, we are glad to explain and guide you at the front desk. Please visit us as an individual.


We ask you to bring a small towel to the bathing areas. After taking a bath, please wipe the body before going to the dressing room. You can also use it for washing your body and for covering yourself for a little privacy when moving about the bathing areas. “Small” means about 34cm × 85cm. If you don’t have one, you can purchase our original towel (200 yen) at the front desk.
Basically payment including admission fees can only be made in cash except for some facilities. There are no ATMs nearby, so please prepare cash.


No. We don’t have any reservations in advance. 

No. You need to be totally naked.

No. Public only. Male and female are separated.
Yes. As long as the parent takes care of children properly and responsibly, we don’t set an age limit. However, the bathtub temperature is set for adults, it may be difficult for infants and children who are not used to bathing in hot springs.

No. Basically, restaurants are open for those taking bath.

Yes, but sometimes it is very hard to catch a taxi because the number of taxis is limited in Hakone. In addition, the bus doesn’t run until late. Particularly, if you are staying at Motohakone (Lake Ashi), the choice of transportation is limited. Don’t forget to check your return trip plan.